About ScheGro

About ScheGro

ScheGro BV was founded in 1997, and since 2003 located at the 4 Uilenkade in Zwijndrecht. This location is the perfect place for us to carry out our work as well as possible in the vicinity of Rotterdam shipping.

ScheGro BV has been a diligent player in the marine equipment market for years. We offer you high quality products for competitive prices. You can handle almost anything that is required on a ship, except for food.

We provide complete ship equipment for both new and existing ships.

One of the specialties of ScheGro BV are the wheelhouse chairs, and passenger seats, with a wide range of different models of various manufacturers and in various price classes there is something for everyone. But also our offer in security and rescue equipment is very extensive.

ScheGro BV also offers complete solutions for equipping your ship, from anchor ball to life jacket and deck to the engine room.

Come and relax at our office, the coffee is ready and we will be happy to assist you in equipping your ship.